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12/15/2015 » 12/17/2015
El Cerrito, CA

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Seminars Qualify for NICET, Florida & Wisconsin CEU's (where applicable).

NICET CREDITS (per class)-0.1 CEU/1 CPD
We are an ICC Preferred Provider.
SEMINARS BEGIN AT 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time  
$125 for Members/AHJs and $250 for Non-Members (per seminar)

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November 17, 2015

Implementing New ITM Procedures from the 2014 Edition of NFPA 25

Jason Webb

The 2014 edition of NFPA 25 is currently only adopted by a handful of jurisdictions as the process of updating codes and standards can take a few years or more. With that in mind you can expect that many states and local AHJ’s will soon begin enforcing the requirements of the current edition of the standard. To comply with the 2014 edition of NFPA 25, changes in the process of inspecting and testing will need to take place. Whether it is as simple as conducting a valve status test instead of a main drain test, or the totally new practice of testing diesel fuel quality for fire pumps, everything from contract terms and conditions to how long an inspector should plan to be onsite will be effected. In this seminar, we will discuss some of the more significant of those changes and how to prepare for them.


December 15, 2015

Updating ICC Codes - Moving from the 2009 to the 2015 Edition  

Jeffrey M Hugo, CBO

National code development often outpaces the actual code adoption in many jurisdictions. It is not uncommon for a community to be two or three editions behind the latest published edition. When it comes time to update, many questions arise about the new requirements. This course is designed to provide answers to those questions on what is new in the code. This course will also address those communities that have the older editions of the ICC codes and what to expect in the 2015 edition. There are many updates on fire sprinkler requirements, fire pump installation, fire department connections, and much more. The 2009 and 2012 edition codes to the 2015 edition will be reviewed while providing many visual representations, handouts and discussion to assist the fire sprinkler contractor and code official on the updates. 


January 19, 2016

NFPA 13 Hanging and Bracing Updates for the 2016 Edition
Victoria B. Valentine, PE                             Level: Intermediate

Another edition of NFPA 13 hit the streets this past fall.  Although gravity and seismic loads have been impacting fire sprinkler systems since the beginning, this program will discuss the modifications made to the hanging and support requirements.  Properly supporting fire sprinkler systems, as well as other water-based fire protection, is instrumental to the system’s function throughout its lifespan.


February 16, 2016

Commodity Classification Updates for 2016 and Beyond

Jeffrey M. Hugo, CBO                                  Level: Intermediate

This online program will present the changes in the 2016 edition of NFPA 13 to Chapter 5, Classification of Occupancies and Commodities. NFPA 13 has new figures that include percentages of mixed commodities with Group A Expanded and Unexpanded plastics. Chapter 5 has also greatly changed how commodities are listed within the document. The layout with new figures and updated tables will assist in determining the appropriate commodity for the ever-changing world of storage protection. The discussion will also address commodity classification in the 2015 edition of the International Fire Code (IFC). 


March 15, 2016

NFPA 13 Discharge Criteria Updates for the 2016 Edition

Louis Guerrazzi, EIT                                    Level: Intermediate

Many changes for the discharge criteria for fire sprinkler systems were made to the 2016 Edition of NFPA 13 recently released. This seminar will focus on the major changes including the updates to design criteria for the protection of exposed expanded Group A plastics, guidance on the protection of columns within or near rack structures, handling idle wood pallets and more.


April 19, 2016

NFPA 13, NFPA 13R, and NFPA 13D Residential Updates for the 2016 Edition

Robert Upson, MS FPE                               Level: Intermediate

The new 2016 residential standards, NFPA 13R and NFPA 13D, introduce some clarifications of existing requirements as well as some notable new ones such as bringing language regarding architectural features in NFPA 13D from the Annex to the body of the standard. Other key changes include language dealing with the replacement of residential sprinklers listed for design densities less than 0.05 gpm/ft2; reinstalling dry sprinklers; sprinklers outside of dwelling units; sprinkler-protected glass; and drains for trapped sections of pipe.  This presentation will review these and other highlights of the residential updates from 2013 to 2016 editions.


May 17, 2016

NFPA 13 Installation Criteria Updates for the 2016 Edition

Roland Asp, CET                                          Level: Intermediate

The installation chapters of NFPA 13 include chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 25, 26 and 27. Changes for the 2016 edition to these chapters will significantly affect the layout and installation of sprinkler systems and is a “must-know” for layout technicians, installers, AHJs and others in the industry.  This seminar will focus on the major changes including new criteria for “Cloud Ceilings”, new requirements for air venting of wet systems to prevent corrosion, changes in obstruction rules, new requirements for sprinkler protected glazing, main drain sizing and more.


June 21, 2016

NFPA 20 Updates and Highlights

Louis Guerrazzi, EIT                                     Level: Intermediate

The 2016 Edition of NFPA 20 is now available with many updates to the rules for the design and installation of fire pumps. This seminar will focus on the major changes including multistage multiport pump criteria, requirements for transfer switches, and there will be discussions on automatic testing, remote monitoring and more.  This review will assist AHJs and installers alike in updating to the current material.

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